Gülbahar Mah. Avni Dilligil Sokak No:7 Çelik İş Merkezi C Blok Kat:5 Daire:19/20 Şişli- İSTANBUL
About Us

We were founded in 2005 by a team experienced in healthcare research.

As Sinus research, we are working to present our researcher profession in the best and most accurate way. We are among the leading companies of the sector with our professional staff who have adopted the solution-oriented service approach as a principle.

In order to give the research the value and the time it deserves, we set out to exclude all research except healthcare studies.

In today's world integrated with technology, we go beyond the ordinary by adding digitalization to the research sector. We move forward with the goal of "making perfection possible". Our company, which provides national and international services with its staff that is open to development, does not accept the traditional status quo and adds new methods to its research methods every day.

We stand by you, our valuable solution partners, with Turkey's leading research team. Our aim is not to be content with what is available, but to take research one step further with new methods! Sinus Research serves in harmony with today's changing and digitalizing world. Our company, which has achieved digitalization, works with a strong technological infrastructure for you.