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Research Methodologies

Qualitative Methods

Ethnographic Study

Ethnography, an anthropological approach, is a research method focused on “culture and the meaning of daily life”. In this research method, which is carried out especially with patients, the daily routines of the patients and their treatment processes are observed. Thus, it is a research method in which we identify the points of need by discovering the missing points in their treatment.

In-Depth Interview

Interviews in which a person is asked questions about various topics are called in-depth interviews. In these interviews, the behaviors, facial expressions and attitudes of the participant are as important as the answers given by the participant, and in such interviews, the participant’s views, memories, feelings and solution suggestions are discussed.

Focus Group

Focus group work is one of the most commonly used qualitative research methods. It is a research/data collection method that involves groups of 6 people coming together and talking about the research topic for 1-1.5 hours under the chairmanship of a moderator. It is a method in the medical field where in-depth opinions about treatments are carried out with both healthcare professionals and patients.

Media Analysis

It is a method of analyzing the media platforms where the attention of the audience is concentrated and evaluating the data.

Quantitative Methods

PAPI (Pen and Paper Interview) 

PAPI (Pen and Paper Interview) 

These are face-to-face interviews conducted between the interviewer (interviewer) and the participant, using a printed questionnaire, at the participant’s workplace, home, etc.

CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interview)

Interviews are conducted with the help of a computer-assisted questionnaire, by calling the participants by phone. CATI studies not only provide benefits in terms of time, but also provide advantages in reaching target audiences in the periphery.

CAWI (Computer Aided Web Interview)

With this data collection technique, web researches and interviews are carried out with computer support. In this method, the interviewer conducts the survey defined on the web by himself, without the help of any person.

CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interview)

CAPI, which is a quantitative research method, means a face-to-face survey that is carried out with computer support from survey methods. The CAPI survey method provides both speed and convenience because it is computer-aided instead of traditional and challenging methods at the point of data collection.

Target Groups